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NEW DOCUMENTARY: Shadowing the White Deer. The thrill of encountering a white deer in the wild is something you never forget. Jeff has searched out these beautiful anomalies and spent countless hours filming them to produce this gorgeous documentary. He recounts the science, history and mystique of the white deer. White Deer is available now on DVD for $19.95.



Nature's Press is a publisher of high-quality nature photography books specializing in the landscapes and wildlife of the region surrounding Lake Superior in central North America. The company was founded by owner and photographer Jeff Richter with the publication of his first book, Seasons of the North. Following on the success of that book, Jeff has continued to publish new collections of his photographs from the north woods of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota in the United States, and Ontario, Canada.

Jeff's second book, White Deer: Ghosts of the Forest, documents the awe-inspiring phenomenon of albino white-tailed deer. These amazing photographs show albino deer in their natural surroundings--the gorgeous northwoods of Wisconsin. Jeff teamed up with naturalist John Bates, who provides background on the genetics of albinism and discusses human responses to the white animals, including the spiritual associations with white deer, the ethics of hunting them, and the sheer joy of seeing one in the wild. The book also features a white deer legend by native American storyteller Ernest St. Germain.

Jeff Richter appeared on the PBS show, Nature, in an episode titled The Private Life of Deer that premiered in May, 2013. The filmmakers visited Jeff at his home in northern Wisconsin, and talked to him about his experiences photographing albino white-tailed deer in the area. Some of Jeff's video footage of white deer is also used in the half-hour production.

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In the latest book, Pure Superior, Jeff shares images collected over fifteen years from the shores and watershed of Lake Superior, including some of America's most gorgeous landscapes: Minnesota's North Shore, Wisconsin's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Michigan's Isle Royale National Park, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Canada's Nipigon Bay, Pukaskwa National Park, Lake Superior Provincial Park and Sleeping Giant, and many other favorite spots along the shore of this greatest of the Great Lakes. Sam Cook, Justin Isherwood, Howard Paap and John Bates contributed essays sharing their experiences, knowledge and reverence for Gichigami, the world's largest fresh-water lake.

Jeff's first book, Seasons of the North, deserves a place among the finest coffee table books. Seasons explores the natural beauty of the Northwoods of Wisconsin and the U.P., and features original essays by four of nature's most ardent admirers. The book reveals a variety of moods among the boreal forests and clear-water lakes and streams. Candid photographs of woodlands wildlife make this more than a landscape collection. The book celebrates the relatively untouched beauty of the northern lakes country of the Upper Midwest.

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